By focussing on quality over quantity the exclusivity of your product appeals to an elite market. Delicate shavings of cured celebrity are auctioned off in tastefully lit rooms where clientele are vying for the taste of a lifetime.

There are claims that former Australian prime minister's tricuspid valve is available on the black market. New price records are set by a portion of Debbie Harry's left breast (which she presciently froze during an augmentation in the seventies), several of Walt Disney's fingers (another cryogenic visionary - don't believe the naysayers) and Woody Allen's foreskin.

Prominent transhumanist advocate Ray Kurzweil auctions off several sections of cortex to the human sushi market after downloading the content and neural networks onto a dilithium crystal matrix.

The success of your gamble in pioneering this industry has made you rich beyond your wildest dreams. Should your vast financial reserves be dedicated to altruistic endeavours or will you indulge your sensual desires in an orgy of gratuitous spending and consumption?