You find yourself daydreaming incessantly about the taste of people.

Imagine the chewy, rawhide goodness of Clint Eastwood.

Fantasize about the delicate softness of Aung Sang Suu Ki - her flesh like veal that has been deprived of iron and yearns for freedom.

Indulge in the cognitive degustation of stringy yet piquant morsels of Usain Bolt.

Unbidden these thoughts steal into your cranium and dance around your synapses, like squatters occupying a derelict apartment in Prague. Barely able to concentrate on your job or daily interactions you stagger through each day, weighed down by recurring thoughts of celebrity cannibalism.

Do you chose to abandon your dreams and purge your mind of these disturbing thoughts or pursue this disconcerting vision and dive into a new frontier of nutrition?