welcome to ward's meat/art emporium

in the paradox of schrödinger's cat our feline is simultaneously both alive and dead.
despite some initial cognitive dissonance this page will highlight the beauty of meat as art.
ah meat...such a versatile medium for the universe to sculpt.

we can thank victoria reynolds for the reindeer viscera

maximum respekt to mark ryden for holding it down on the meat/art tip
for connoisseurs of meat art i highly recommend checking out a sample of his pioneering work

meat after meat joy

meat of kings

special link for all you unskilled turkey carvers out there

supermodel meat sports

real human meat/art

red meat

enjoy the meatscapes

qwantz celebrates meat

be tempted by a meatsicle

the art of spam

one always looks neat in a hat made from meat

meat me for lunch

meatmation - the story of mr beefy

meat/art in many media mmmm...

the decapitator

a nice slice of meatcake

i know it's furniture - but is it art?

they're made of meat

meat cyborg & meat princess

real meat

escape the meatrix

meat candy

the other white meat

pork esplosion


meat zen


happy meat face


true artistry with fat

rethinking meat

taxidermy is a special kind of meat art - you're in for a treat here!

meat identification test

if gaga is into it meatclothing must be edgy and cool

more gaga flesh

The Museum of Scientifically Accurate Fabric Brain Art

Brains made from wood

The Museum of Scientifically Accurate Fabric Brain Art

Edible meat hand